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Knee Implant & Knee Replacement Failure: Revision Knee Surgery


If you or a loved one had a knee replacement or knee implant that failed and required knee implant revision or corrective knee surgery, contact a knee implant and knee replacement lawyer today. You may be entitled to recover money in a knee implant failure lawsuit.

A team of class action attorneys and knee implant and knee replacement failure personal injury lawyers has launched an investigation into various potentially defective artificial knee, knee implant and knee replacement products.

Knee implant failure lawsuit claims potentially being investigated include those of knee implant and knee replacement patients who experienced knee pain and other symptoms resulting in revision knee surgery or corrective knee surgery, i.e., a second knee replacement surgery or additional knee implant surgeries to correct or revise an initial knee implant or knee replacement surgery that failed.

Knee implant revision surgeries may include removal or replacement of one or more parts of the artificial knee implant (such as the tibial or shinbone components including metal tray and plastic spacer, femoral or thighbone component, or the patellar or kneecap component).

Knee implant failure symptoms and side effects may include:

  • unexplained knee pain
  • knee stiffness
  • limping
  • pain with walking
  • pain in lower thigh
  • leg pain below knee cap
  • revision total knee arthroplasty
  • revision total knee replacement
  • pain with weight bearing
  • lack of stability in knees
  • infection or infected knees
  • aseptic loosening of the knee implant
  • dislocation of the knee implant
  • decrease range of motion in knee joint
  • knee bone fracture(s)
  • fracture(s) of the knee prosthetic
  • osteolysis or bone loss as result of particles released in knee joint
  • knee implant revision surgery
  • knee replacement corrective surgery

If you or your loved ones suffered a knee implant failure or knee replacement failure that required revision knee surgery to correct or replace a defective knee implant, you may be entitled to recover compensation in a knee implant failure lawsuit.**

**If you had a knee implant or knee replacement and are experiencing health issues, we urge you to promptly consult with your doctor or physician.

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